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Holiday action 2020

This year everything is different than we are used to. Including the summer holidays. Sometimes planned holidays and family visits abroad can not take place, meaning more children will stay at home this year. In addition, there are also children who cannot go on holiday due to other circumstances. Fonds Schiedam Vlaardingen e.o. wanted to do something extra for all these children this year. With the Vakantieactie 2020 (Holiday Action 2020), Fonds Schiedam Vlaardingen eo is calling on foundations and associations to organize fun activities for young people during the summer holidays. All in a safe manner and with an appropriate distance, of course. As a result of the holiday campaign, many applications from Vlaardingen, Schiedam and Maassluis have been received by Het Fonds.

FreeLans did the design for the campaign of this special action.



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